Imuran is given for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The drug is also prescribed to reduce the natural immunity in patients after they had undergone organ transplant.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Imuran belongs to the group of medicines known as immunosuppressive agents. As Imuran is a very strong medicine, it should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor. The medicine comes in the form of injection and tablet. Always go according to the prescription; never take larger doses or take the drug for longer periods unless your doctor has asked you.

Imuran is also prescribed in combination with other drugs for some medical conditions. But care should be taken not to mix the two drugs. Take them separately as prescribed in the prescription. It is also advised not to stop the drug in the middle of a course without consulting your doctor.

How to use

Imuran has to be taken with food or during bedtime in order to avoid stomach upset. When the drug is taken, some patients can come across vomiting. If this persists, contact the doctor without any delay.

Missed Dose

A drug will only have impact if it is taken at the right time. But if a dose of Imuran is missed, just take it as soon as you remember it. In case, if it is time for your regular dosage, never take the missed dosage. You should never mix two doses of Imuran as it can increase the risk of side effects.


Once your doctor has decided to prescribe Imuran, it is better to inform him about all your health problems. This will help your physician to make a wise decision on the prescription. Better discuss with your doctor about all your allergies, including food, medicine or ay other substance. If you have problems related to liver or kidney, gout, chickenpox, Pancreatitis and Herpes zoster, you should have to inform your physician.

Imuran is not prescribed for pregnant women and those who hope to get conceived, as the drug is known to cause harm to the unborn babe. As Imuran drug is traced in breast milk, women who feed their babes should avoid the drug.

When discussing with your doctor, you should also point out all the medications that you are on as some drugs like Chlorambucil, Allopurinol, Corticosteroids and Cyclosporine are known to interact with Imuran.

While taking Imuran drug, you are liable to get infection, as the medicine is known to lower the immunity system. So when you are on Imuran medication, it is better not to come in contact with any person who has an infection. There are also higher chances of bleeding, as Imuran happens to lower the blood platelets, which are needed for clotting.

Side effects

Like all drugs, Imuran also comes with allergic reactions, mild and serious side effects. The most common side effects that one can experience include cough, fever, weakness and difficult urination. Some of the lesser side effects are tarry stools, red spots on skin, blood in urine and unusual bleeding.